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Tuesday things [Mar. 24th, 2015|04:22 pm]
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So on Sunday it's Dutch Comic Con, and whilst I always look forward to going to an event with friends, I am not looking forward to the organisation and dealing with them, AT ALL.
A lot of Dutch (indoors) conventions have bag rules where they limit the size of bag you can take inside, to prohibit theft. Understandable of course, BUt if you, like me, have to carry medication with you at all times, this is wildly unpractical. Not to mention the absolute risk to my health I would be taking by not carrying my meds. I'm not willing to go there.
I had checked the rules page of Dutch Comic Con before, and found nothing about bag rules, so I assumed that they simply allowed you to bring anything in that isn't a nuissance.
Then a friend pointed out that in fact DO have bag rules as a friend of his who informed about bag sizes got told his bag was too large.
Uncertain of the size of said bag that was enquired about, I understandably got rather worried and last Friday send them an email via the site.
No answer.
I tweeted them.
No answer.
Today I sent them another email, via their email address.
No answer.
I left a message on their facebook, followed by another tweet saying I was hoping for an answer.
No answer.
Still no answer.

I understand that they are busy, but come on, all cons that mean serious business have people dealing with questions the week of the event. Because people WILL have questions. And if you get a worried query of someone that has to carry medication, surely you'd make sure to answer them. If only to tell them you have to ask a supervisor and that you're on it!
That and I've heard from other friends, that mailed them with other queries, that they DID get a response. In less than an hour. So apparently they are very selective about whom they reply to, and people with medical issues seem not to be terribly high on their list of folks to get back to.

But no, not this con!

If I don't get an answer, I'm not going, end of story.
I am not about to take health risks.
Not going to happen.
Because I'm not about to go all the way to Utrecht, with friends, to be told at the door I'm not allowed to take my meds in because my bag is too big or whatever else bullshit. I'm not going to ruin my friend's day with getting locked out of the con (because there is no way I'm going in without my meds).

Luckily today has not been all bad:

Tsum Tsum Tuesday: 24.3.2015

Tsum Tsum Tuesday!

Photo of the day: 24.3.2015 (day 83)

Photo of the day: 24.3.2015 (day 83)
My friend and penpal Cate sent me a little package, including a letter (on super cute Hello Kitty paper!) and this little Kinder egg toy Thor. Loa of course stole the little container Thor came in as soon as I had taken him out of it. After writing a reply to Cate, I made sure to reunite Thor with his hammer :)