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na na na na na na na na BATMAN! [Mar. 14th, 2015|09:46 pm]
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Fun with mirrors

Today, Babs and I went to Eindhoven!

That photo was taken as a sort of selfie of the both of us in the mirror that was very randomly attached to the window of a nicnac store. It was asking for it! The mirror started it I'm telling you!

But first Loa was sad I was leaving him for the day.

Caturday: 14.3.2015

Caturday: 14.3.2015

When we arrived in Eindhoven and parked the car, the first stop was Primark, where Babs founds lots of stuff, and I found an orange cardigan. The plan had been to find a red and white striped one, but they turned out to be orange striped ones (damn you crap light in the Liège Primark for making me believe they were red striped!), which I have no use for. I did, however, have use for an orange one, so that had to come. I debated short shorts, as a means to keep some of my tights I really don't want to cut off slipping down. And as something to wear under my skirt when I ride my penny farthing, because I don't want people to be able to see under my skirt darn it!
But then I wanted to go get shorts at H&M, so we ended up paying.
I asked for a big bag (contrary to the smaller one) for my cat Loa, and the cashier was amused (in a "I am genuienly amused", not in a "your stupid humors me idiot" kind of way ^^), which I was given. And which now pleases Loa a LOT.

We checked some other shops, in the hunt for shoes for a cosplay for Babs, decided it was time for lunch and settled down at La Place.
Where they have artisanal and organic food and drinks!


And then it was time for the local comic book shop Eppo!
I had been wanting to start reading a Thor comic for ages. But the problem was I couldn't quite figure out the Marvel continuity (not that I spend a lot of time trying), didn't really know with which series to start, and Thor had been going on for well, ages.
So when the new female Thor comic started, I picked up on it. Bought issues 1 and 2 as singles and enjoyed it enough to decided I wanted to get the volumes. Reading #2, however, I was wondering what precisely the deal was with Roxxon. So I googled around, and found out that the best thing to do was read Thor, God of Thunder volume 4: Last Days of Midgard. Which I then went and bought online. And which I quite enjoyed. Turns out that God of Thunder is the series that preceeds Goddess of Thunder, so that was a happy coincidence. Sadly, I didn't quite realise that at the time when I decided to get God of Thunder, so when I saw that issue 25 came out, I figured it was simply still running and that they'd go for a 5th volume. But no, I realised rather late (seeing issue 25 came out in September last year) that that was in fact the last issue of the series, released as a single (FUCK YOU MARVEL). So I mailed Eppo, seeing I was going to be in Eindhoven anyway, and lo and behold, not only had they ONE copy left (huzzah), it wasn't a variant copy (double huzzah) AND they were happy to set it aside for me (tripple huzzah).
So no I just have to continue collecting volumes, one per month for the following months, and I will have completely caught up in July (I'm patient, and luckily there is no rush where the volumes are concerned).

They also had this cute Batman, which I resisted buying.
But I took a picture in case you know, at least I have a picture :)

na na na na na na na na BATMAN!

Photo of the day: 14.3.2015 (day 73)

H&M didn't have the shorts I wanted (boo), so I went back to Primark and found a pair of jeans shorts in a colour that didn't offend me too much (I wanted the grey twill ones but they were out of my size). Of course, I forgot how much I HATE jeans. Proper and utter HATRED, so I'm already regretting not having gotten the blue twill ones, even though the colour offended me.
Hopefully I'll break these in, because else it'll be € 7 wasted. I don't even know why I cared about the colour so much in the first place, because I literally only got them to wear under a skirt when riding my penny farthing! I could have just gone for the more comfortable pair *facepalms*. At least they're not a size too big like my other shorts I suppose :)
But if they remain this horribly stiff, they will have to GO.
I also already had to cut loose the fold over part, because it was clearly designed for stickfigure thighs, and not normal sized thighs, jeez (this also wouldn't have happened with the twill ones).
So a handy tip for anyone who has normal to heavier legs: stay away from the jeans short shorts with foldover detail at the bottom of the legs!
it's not that I didn't get my legs in, I got them in fine, I just felt that they were too tight for comfort you know.
This was definitely THE LAST TIME EVER I am buying proper jeans shorts/trousers.
Twill, if I must, jeans, NO WAY.

Babs was kind enough to take an outfit shot for me:

outfit: 14.3.2015

Beret: ebay seller
Glasses: Theo
Dalek scarf: Geekiana
Jacket: ebay seller
Cardigan: Primark
Bag: Zatchels
Belt bag: Zara Girls
Skirt: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright x Disney Store Japan (In Wonderland)
Petticoat: Dear Celine
Tights: Teja Jamilla
Boots: Kickers
Totebag: Primark
Accessories: Disney Store, asos, Fossil, handmade, vintage, Pica Pica Press, il mezzometro, Prague Goldsmith Street

See, burando. Budget burando, but still burando :)

Anyway, we checked out more shops, I found all natural (basically it's mashed up and cubed up raspberries) fruit candy and dish sponges at Xenos, which pleased me and then were bored of shopping and went home :)

Fun was had, huzzah!