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No spoilers please! [Mar. 10th, 2015|12:27 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[music |ADAMS "Wolf"]

I understand that when you’re really into a fandom, whichever fandom, you may get really invested in said thing you love.
I can understand that you want to know every single little detail of every future release, and spend a lot of time looking all these little detail up.
I even understand, full well, that people saying completely retarded things (on the internet) about can come across as hurtful, mean and frankly not cool at all.
I get you want to vent to your friends, that’s also only normal.

BUT: please understand that when you do this on a weekly (or more) basis, you may drive your friends insane. And especially when they are having a stressful day, you are not helping at all.
That venting is NOT an excuse, NEVER an excuse, to throw spoilers at people when you don’t know whether or not they’re ok with that.

I swear, I have ZERO interest in buying more Marvel comics at the moment, or going to see any of the movies, because I’ve heard, without asking for it, pretty much every single fucking detail out there already.
EVERY ... SINGLE ... FUCKING ... DETAIL (at least it feels like that).
WITHOUT asking for it.

I’m one of those people that watches trailers and decides from there whether or not I want to see a movie (or tag along with Bert if he wants to see it).
I do NOT want to know every little detail about the production, the plot, the script, the actors, I DO NOT CARE. There is no nice way of saying this, so I’ll just be blunt: KEEP YOUR GODDAMN SPOILERS TO YOURSELF!

I’m seriously tempted to just put up the comics that I do have for sale because I am THAT fed up.
So please, consider the fact that not everyone is equally into something and that when things become an obsession that is driving your friends barking mad, you need to take a step back, breathe, and resist the urge to flip your top at everyone not running away fast enough/stupid enough to open their email and continue reading.
And if you must vent, do NOT include spoilers.
Type out your email, reread it, remove spoilers. Do NOT just pour out words and hit send!