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Sometimes things actually get out of the Bermuda Triangle - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Sometimes things actually get out of the Bermuda Triangle [Mar. 9th, 2015|02:18 pm]
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My friend Cate and I decided to be pen pals, because proper letter writing is awesome.
I wrote her, the letter arrived quite quickly.
She wrote me back and I spent about 2 weeks sulking at the mailbox.
Today the little package she sent me finally did arrive, and well,
see for yourself why it took so long to get here:

Sometimes mail returns from the Bermunda Triangle :)

So either someone somewhere can't read, because Belgium and Bermuda are different names, other than starting with a B.
(This is the point where I should mention that many years ago I did competency tests with a job agency to work for B-post, and they wouldn't put me forward because I scored far too high! Apparently B-post wasn't interested at all in hiring smart people).

Or the Kinder Surprise Hawkeye Cate included in the package (thanks Cate!) had to go on a mission fighting bad guys on Bermuda.
Which is far less likely but immensely funnier than the no doubt actual explanation of postal service fail.

In any case, this entire bit is good for a laugh :)
I'm so keeping that envelope, for reasons!

Photo of the day: 9.3.2015 (day 68)

Photo of the day: 9.3.2015 (day 68)