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On Saturday we wear sailor lolita to Antwerp - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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On Saturday we wear sailor lolita to Antwerp [Mar. 7th, 2015|11:32 pm]
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Outfit: 7.3.2015

Today I felt a lot better (I was quite poorly earlier this week, had the doctor come over and she gave me meds, luckily it was just a viral infection on my airways, that is very well treatable with a mix of homeopathic and regular meds, none of which antibiotics so huzzah), and considering I still needed to get some basic shadow box, well boxes, to store Tsum Tsums in, and Bert's granddad needed canvas plates. And I wanted to finally get tea again (I've been out for weeks, boo!). Basically Bert decided to drive to Antwerp.

Before we left and were still having breakfast, Pluisje showed up. Pluisje is one of the cats from next doors', who is two months older than Loa and weighs about half (and Loa is NOT overweight, I leave you all to draw your own conclusions). We have a policy of feeding Sok and Pluisje (the next doors cats) when they come begging for food (and when it's cold we just leave food out for whichever animal that wants it). Pluisje is always quite nice to Loa, so I took Loa outside with me so they could bump noses and sniff each others faces for a bit. Contrary to Sok, who always hisses at Loa, Pluisje is allowed to come in, but he's a bit too shy. So Pluisje and Loa spent some time meowing at each other from opposite sides of the window haha.

Caturday: 7.3.2015

Parking was absolute hell in Antwerp (as I had suspected), but we managed to find a spot quite easily all in all because someone just left. First spot wasn't a free parking one, so Bert moved the car a bit further and we lucked out again because someone just left again!
At De Wieuw I loaded up all the things I needed, and Bert found all the things he needed for his granddad. He had to ask about the canvas plates, because they were in stock but not in the shop yet. So one of the really kind ladies that works there went and found them for us.

There's a Nero on the water comic strip wall not too far from De Wieuw, and because I was wearing Nightmare Rising, which is a Gothic x Sailor lolita dress, I asked Bert to take an outfit shot for me at that wall. Normally there's hardly anyone passing by that wall, but for some reason today there were loads of people passing by. One lady, a muslim who was walking around with her children, stopped and said: see kids, that's at least different! And then she told me she thought I looked really nice :) One of her daughters stuck around for a bit so she could see my outfit properly, which I thought was super cute as she was such a sweet girl :) So yay for friendly and open minded people! :)

Outfit: 7.3.2015

Hair flower: H&M
Glasses: Theo
TARDIS scarf: Binary Winter
Jacket: H&M
Blouse: Forever 21
JSK: Rouge Aerie Designs (Nightmare Rising)
Petticoats: Dear Celine and American Apparel
Striped socks: H&M
Lace socks: gift from a friend
Shoes: Emilio Luca X
Umbrella: Baby, the Stars Shines Bright

Vintage Cadillac

Vintage Cadillac

Vintage Cadillac in the street.

We stopped by Het Koetshuis, one of our favourite antiques & curiosa shops, where Bert found an antique book on spoiled food that's a couple of centuries old for € 5, so that's a really good deal :)

After that we stopped for lunch at Panos, where I took this photo whilst Bert was getting food.

Photo of the day: 7.3.2015 (day 66)

Photo of the day: 7.3.2015 (day 66)
I had taken my Duffy Tsum Tsum with me to see how many Tsums would fit into one wooden box at the art supply store :)

I looked at umbrellas in two of the little nicnac stores near Dille & Kamille, but didn't find a cream one, so off to Dille & Kamille it was. They had the cutest little boxes of Easter Eggs by Café Tasse. But at 12 eggs for € 7 (or € 8, I can't quite remember) I thought they were rather too expensive so I didn't get any. I did take photos though. With my phone, because I hadn't brought any other cameras as they didn't fit in my shell shaped bag XD
I did buy a slab of milk chocolate with nougat (my favourite) and organic sencha green tea with Japanese cherry (my favourite) ^^
Bert bought a pack of organic muesli, but we should have looked at the ingredients better because it has added sugar, bah. Oh well, it's only one pack (won't get a second, that's for sure).

Cutest Easter Egg packaging

Cutest Easter Egg packaging

And then it was time to go home. We wandered into a couple of more stores along the way, but didn't buy anything.

Somewhere some mason is looking for his dining plates

Somewhere a freemason is missing some of his or her dinner plates.

Once I got home and unpacked the boxes, Loa jumped right into the biggest one. He had to fold up small but he did succeed.

my box!

So obviously it took me a while to be able to actually stack all the Tsum Tsums in it. And the lot does fit in, which is great because now they're out of the way and neatly stored :)
I have two smaller boxes, one for all the Chip Tsum Tsums, and one for all the Goofy ones. Once I have 6 of each, I'll put them in their box and nail it against the wall (possibly the nailing will happen before the stacking).

Anyway,that was my Saturday. I'm properly knackered now, and I probably should have stayed in, but the weather was so nice and after being cooped up all week it was really good being outside for a bit! :)
So I don't regret having been cheeky and having gone out :)