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5 fandom Friday: 5 things I like to consume whilst blogging - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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5 fandom Friday: 5 things I like to consume whilst blogging [Mar. 6th, 2015|12:33 pm]
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5 fandom Friday

1. My absolutely favorite: Spa Blauw
I know a lot of people will frown at this dull choice of plain old non-sparkling water, but I really like it :)
It tastes really nice (it's my favorite drink and my favorite still water) and it keeps my hydrated :)

Photo of the day: 9.7.2014 (day 190)

2. Arizona green tea
I like both green tea with honey and pomegranate with green tea :)

Photo of the day: 16.2.2015 (day 47)

3. Green tea - organic sencha with Japanese cherry

Photo of the day: 21.3.2013 (day 80)

4. cookies!
I'm not that picky about what kind really, but my favorites are Oreo (a guilty pleasure as they are originally made by a Monsanto owned company and then ONLY the regular Belgian ones, as they are at least GMO free, there are limits to my guilty pleasure), nic nacjes (what we call the little letter shaped cookies), gingerbread cookies, chocolate chip, butter cookies (we call them Petit Beurre) :)
I love cookies, not all of them, but I'm not that picky :) Provided there's not too much icing and layers or tufts of sugar involved, those are pretty to look at but I tend to pass them up as I don't like them overly sweet.
Organic petit beurre from Carrefour are probably my faves right now though.
And of course these matcha pettit beurre ones, if those were available in Belgium I'd eat them LOADS!

Green tea chocolate biscuits

5. Sweets
I do like Haribo (Happy Cola and gummy bears), the Carrefour gummy bears (which I suspect are Haribo rejects as they taste the same) but especially Goody Good Stuff: the vegan candy which is still not healthy, but a lot less healthy than the standard alternatives!
My faves are the Cheery Cherries, but generally the bags are gone before I think about photographing them :)

Goody Good Stuff!