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Yesterday, Sunday (and some of today, Monday, as well) - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Yesterday, Sunday (and some of today, Monday, as well) [Feb. 23rd, 2015|07:33 pm]
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Selfie group shot :)

Last year in February a Belgian Cupcakes J-fashion meet ended up with Lora, Agnes, Babs and I eating dessert lunch in a place in Louvain. At that point we decided we should have more meets with just the 4 of us.
We didn't get properly organised 'till October, but since then we've tried to get together at least once a month, even though we can't always get together with the four of us. As long as there's three we're getting ahead.
So because it's February, we decided to go to Louvain this year too, but because we try to watch our sugar intake (we're not on a diet, but we're collectively trying to eat healthier ^^) we decided to go to De Wiering instead, because they have both sweet and savory foods :)

Babs came to my house, so she could leave her car on our driveway. Bert had said that normally he had to drive me to the station anyway, so he was totally fine driving more than one person even though Babs had her car :)
She had brought a bunch of Doctor Who DVDs I bought off her and the awesome Disneyland Paris 20th anniversary book she didn't want anymore that she gave to me. Thanks Babs! :)

Photo of the day: 22.2.2015 (day 53)

Photo of the day: 22.2.2015 (day 53)
I don't really have the space for the Doctor Who DVDs so they live in an asos box next to the TV cabinet haha :)

Photo of the day: 23.2.2015 (day 54)
The awesome book :)

Photo of the day: 23.2.2015 (day 54)

I didn't think about taking a photo of my food, but we did think about outfit shots! :)

We always go to the Chinese globe when we can, not only because it's super pretty, but also because it has picnic tables and benches behind it where we can put our stuff whilst taking pictures, which is super practical :)





Outfit: 22.2.2015

My outfit, photo by Babs

Beret: ebay seller
Brooch on beret: made it myself
Glasses: Theo
Cardigan: Takko
Blouse: thrifted
Skirt: made it myself (fabric is Carouskel by Rouge Aerie Designs)
Tights: Teja Jamilla
Socks: Decathlon
Boots: Kickers

Afterwards we had some drinks at De Kosmopool near the station. We really need to find a different spot for drinks, because whilst the staff is always very friendly, there's just too many customers staring and being a bit rude XD
Oh well, their idiotic behavior says more about them than about us :)

Outfit: 23.2.2015

And whilst I'm posting outfit shots, here's today. Photo by Bert (who can't frame properly with my compact camera but it's all good).

Hat: H&M, girls department
Glasses: Theo
Cowl: Veritas
Jacket: H&M
Cardigan: Primark
Mittens: H&M
Bag: Zatchels
Skirt: made it myself with fabric by Rouge Aerie Designs (Carouskel)
Leggings: Decathlon
Socks: Decathlon
Shoes: Sacha
Totebag: Accessorize
Umbrella: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright