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Dimanche, le jour apres St-Valentin... - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Dimanche, le jour apres St-Valentin... [Feb. 18th, 2015|03:08 pm]
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Group shot

Last Sunday I went to a Valentine’s Day lolita fashion meet in Namur, Belgium.

Lunie had planned the meet on facebook, and kindly invited some of the Flemish girls also and said that we were welcome to invite others also. Originally there was a poll to choose between Namur and Bruxelles and Namur won out. Bruxelles would have been easier to get to for pretty much everyone in Flanders, but you know: majority voting, fair is fair :)

Photo of the day: 13.2.2015 (day 44)

Photo of the day: 13.2.2015 (day 44)

For once I had the good sense to check my outfit (well mostly) a few days before the meet, which resulted in me rehemming my skirt on Friday.
Originally it had a really cute small black lace, but that was so scratchy I could only wear the skirt over lycra leggings, because it'd kill nylons and scratch my skin :(
So I bought super cheap music note lace on etsy. Which was adorable, but far too wide to work with lolita.
Which is why I ended up removing it on Friday and leave the hem plain.
I'm going to have to go to a fabric fair at some point to stock up on that amazing cheap lace I got the last time I went there a few years ago. Totally worth it, but over the course of the summer I pretty much ran out XD
I'm all out of black in any case XD

I almost didn’t make it, because Saturday night I woke up nauseous as hell, and even though I took a Vogalib, I couldn’t manage to sleep properly. So when my alarm clock went off at 7.30, I had slept about 3 hours in total and felt like death warmed up. I found Lora online, and we talked for a bit whilst I tried to wake up and Bert made me light breakfast. We all figured that if I could keep that down, I’d be ok to go, but only _just_. Not wanting to bail out on Lora and especially Joke, who I was (partially) travelling with, and not wanting to miss out on the meet in particular, I decided to go after all.

Haven eaten a bit and going outside in the fresh air did help a little, and I had meds and some plain sandwiches as well as water in my backpack in case I couldn’t eat wherever we had lunch.

Of course, the one time Joke and I decide to be at the train station nearly 20 minutes in advance (because we often get stuck in the queue because someone needs to sort out a rail pass or whatever) there was no one in front of us. Oh well, rather this than (nearly) missing our train!
And the trains were on time too!
We found Lora on our connection to Ottignies fine, and managed to even find a 4 seater that was unoccupied. It’s amazing how many solo travellers decide that it’s ok to just flomp in a 4 seater in a train that is mostly empty. Just go sit in a two seater area, it’s not like anyone will come sit next to you when there’s loads of other space left!

Last train and we're there!

At our connection platform in Ottignies we also found Lunie, but because the last train we needed to take was pretty full, we had to occupy two two seaters opposite each other.
The trip to Namur isn’t _that_ bad when trains are running correctly, because the connexions are always only 6 or 7 minutes apart. So one delay and you’re stuck for an hour, making a 2 hour trip a 3 hour trip. The other alternatives are all longer, and the one that includes only 2 trains instead of 3 even takes the longest. Sense, it makes none.

We found everyone else in front of the train station, and tried to figure out where we’d go for lunch. I felt pretty guilty that everyone had to take my food allergies into account, but I did think it was super cool and sweet of everyone to try to find an alternative place to eat than the Asian buffet that wouldn’t be an option for me.
In the end we found no accessible tearoom, so we had to go there anyway XD

But not before we took pictures!
Sadly I can’t remember everyone’s name, so apologies to the people who are remaining unnamed!

Matsuo Seraphine



You can't really tell from this photo, but she had a pretty cute Snow White print on her skirt :)


Whenever I see someone wear Melty Chocolate I kinda want the brown colorway haha.


She made that dress btw! :)
Whenever I see it I get a strawberry craving.


I LOVE her hat, so much.
♥ ♥ ♥
Steampunk lolita for the win!


In hindsight I should have gotten a photo of this girl together with Joke as they were both wearing strawberry prints.


And again in hindsight, I should have gotten a photo of all the people wearing fruit prints together.



Outfit: 15.2.2015

My outfit, photo by Matsuo Seraphim/
I'm not convinced a red beret suits me, but hey, it was a V-day meet.

Beret: ebay seller
Rose on beret: Veritas
Glasses: Theo
Blouse: C&A
Cardigan: Primark
Brooches: handmade and Disneyland Resort (California)
Skirt: made it myself
Petticoats: Dear Celine and American Apparel
Tights H&M (they've got little hearts all over them ^^)
Socks: Veritas
Boots: Sacha
Accessories Accessorize, Fossil, handmade, Disneyland, Poorman's Gold Label, Pandora, Abraxion, Six, Pica Pica Press


Last but most defiitely NOT least: our hostess Lunie! :)

The buffet place, well...
Village d’Asie isn’t just a buffet, you can eat a la carte also.
But the thing is, I immediately told the guy that owns the place that I have severe allergies for shrimp, prawns and tuna. And he goes: oh well, you can avoid shrimp and we don’t serve tuna. I look at the menu and what do I see: right, several menus with tuna.
Also: you should be separating different ingredients in a kitchen, but that’s clearly beyond the capacity of this place.
So whilst everyone else had a proper lunch, Matsuo (who is a vegetarian and thus also didn’t trust the place) and I were stuck eating ice cream (Matsuo) or really shitty lemon sorbet (me) and having a drink.
I really wished that I was able to eat everything because that sucked quite spectacularly. Luckily I had food in my backpack so I didn’t have to starve, but I was still pretty hungry when I finally got home around 7pm!

Photo of the day: 15.2.2015 (day 46)

Photo of the day: 15.2.2015 (day 46)
It was Kitch' idea to take some pictures under the bridge :)

After lunch we went to the park where we took some more photos, found a kind passer-by to take the group shot and just randomly hung out ‘till it was time to go back to the station. The other girls were still staying but considering we had to travel 2 hours to get home, we decided to grab the first train out to Ottignies and from there our connection in Louvain to get home.
Luckily, both trains were on time this time as well.

I was pretty beat when I finally got home, and I probably should have done better staying home and rest, but I’m still glad I went to see my friends and meet awesome new people. I swear my French is better than what I was babbling at the meet, but sleep deprivation doesn't really help my language skills! Thank you to everyone who was patient with me and helped me find words when I couldn't remember them :)

All my other photos of the meet are here :)