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5 fandom Friday: 5 fictional couples I ship - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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5 fandom Friday: 5 fictional couples I ship [Feb. 13th, 2015|04:02 pm]
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5 fandom Friday

I don’t really ship in the traditional sense, but these are couples in fiction that I like seeing together because I think their interaction is awesome, or because the chemistry between them is great. Or a combination between both, in any case, these are people I’m rooting for their happy end, sappy as that is.

Gambit and Rogue (Marvel universe)
Damn you Marvel, find a way in one of your millions of universes to give them their happy end together will you!

Gambit and Rogue

Rick Castle and Cate Beckett (Castle)
I’m pretty sure that, considering how popular this show is, a lot of people will understand this one. Even before they were officially a couple and just friends, I loved the interaction, friendship and chemistry between the characters. And I’m glad to see that even when they became a couple the writers managed to keep that all in the show.

Castle and Beckett

Jupiter Jones and Caine Wise (Jupiter Ascending)
Even though it was pretty clear from the start that at the end of the movie these two would end up together, I really liked their interaction throughout the movie, and just couldn’t help rooting for them to finally get to that point.

Jupiter Ascending

Mick St-John and Beth Turner (Moonlight)
Say what you will, but I thought (and still think) Moonlight is an epic tv series. Sure it’s not the best series about vampires ever made, but I love how it has an actual proper metaplot that runs through the entire series and how plot is actually taking precedent to romance and what not. Interpersonal relations are things that happen whilst things are going on around the characters, and that’s just so well done that in my opinion the show is pretty brilliant. I’m still pissed that it got cancelled after just one season.


Harry Drood and Roger Morningstar (Secret History)
Harry and Roger are characters from Simon R Green’s Secret History book series. They’re not in every book, but when they do make an appearance they’ll never do so without amazing people with their latest (mis)adventures and antics. I’m pretty sure I like them so much mostly because Roger is absolutely epic.