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Today's photo and outfit [Feb. 8th, 2015|08:30 pm]
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[feeling |soresore]
[music |Haim "Don't save me"]


Bert wanted to see Jupiter Ascending pretty much the second he saw a commercial for it on TV.
I like sci-fi, and I had seen the trailer before and didn't mind one bit.
I kinda did mind going to Utopolis, but sadly it's remotely nearby so yeah XD


In the lobby there was this big inflatable Baymax in the lobby. Big Hero 6 is coming out here next week, so that's probably why they set him up. We still had some time after buying tickets, so I figured I'd get a photo in whilst I could.
Of course, as these things go, the second I take out my camera and point it at Baymax, some kid went and stood in front of it (and yes, he did see that I wanted to take a photo), so I kindly and politely asked him if he could just move out of the way for 2 seconds. He looked at me like I was some kind of disgusting insect, so I half expected drama to ensue, but then his mother turned around and told him to get out of my way, stating "don't bother people trying to take a photo of that thing, let them do it and play with it again afterwards!"
So huzzah for that mum doing actual parenting! :) Very cool of her!

I really did like Jupiter Ascending, I even liked it better than the new Trek movies and even Guardians of the Galaxy. I do love sci-fi, it's a fact :)
Generally space opera type sci-fi movies get screwed up quite spectacularly, but this was REALLY well done.
Bert and I aren't sure yet we'll buy it on DVD but when it's out for a while and cheap, we probably will :)
I think I'm going to do a proper review about it on The Gatehouse tomorrow, as it was cyberpunk enough to deserve a spot on there.
I'm not sure I can see Channing Tatum play Gambit just yet, but he did a pretty good job playing Caine in this movie. If he did his own combat scenes/stunt work, he would make a pretty good Gambit for that part I guess. If he didn't, then it'll be a good idea to get his stunt double to work on the Gambit movie also :)

Utopolis Mechelen sadly remains as shitty as ever when it comes to sound and light, because once again I came out of the movie with a headache XD
They clearly don't care about viewer health one bit. Frankly this is the main reason why I wouldn't want to go to the movies regularly, aside from the cost. I seriously worry I'll sustain some kind of permanent damage or a serious health issue if I went there more than 3 or 4 times a year.
And I know for a fact it's Utopolis that's the issue here, because whenever I go to UGC or Kinepolis I'm fine.
I keep on trying to convince Bert to go to Utopolis Aarschot because even though it's the same franchise, it's a different theatre, which means a different technician. So far he's resisting though :(

At least they weren't showing a near 20 minute block of commercials with only one trailer. It was a much shorter block, with two trailers.
I still would have liked to see a lot more trailers, but at least there were less commercials so it was a lot less painful to have to sit through it.
The Avengers Age of Ultron trailer looked slightly more impressive and interesting than the tv and online, much smaller screen versions, but it's still not doing it for me at all.

Coming out of the movie, I was pretty glad I had taken that photo of Baymax before, because when we were leaving we noticed he was gone. There were a couple of kids playing with balloons shaped as Baymax' head so I think they either got them from the concession stand or Big Hero 6 was the kid's feature or something.
In any case, I'd like to see the movie, hopefully I can convince Bert to go to Utopolis Aarschot next weekend, if not, I'll probably wait 'till it's out on DVD, because I don't particularly feel like going to Utopolis Mechelen to see a movie with so many bright colours. It'll be a total headachy nightmare I bet XD
Not even the € 6 per ticket Valentine's Day deal can convince me, 'nuff said.

Anyway, I have been missing out on outfit shots lately, even though I've actually tried not to look like a hobo.
So today I really INSISTED Bert took my photo after we came home ^^. Seeing I was going to the cinema, I felt that wearing Vampire Movie Night (the name of the fabric, as fabrics come with print names just like designs by actual brands) was appropriate :)
That and I love Vampire Movie Night and will grab every opportunity I can to wear it with both hands haha :)

Outfit: 8.2.2015

Hat: ebay seller
Brooch on hat: made it myself
Glasses: Theo
Scarf: taobao seller
Cardigan: H&M
Belt bag: Zara Girls
Tassle on belt bag: Atita
Skirt: made it myself
Petticoats: Dear Celine and American Apparel
Leggings: Decathlon
Socks: HEMA
Boots: Kickers