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Fandom Friday: Favorite 5 Funko Pop - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Fandom Friday: Favorite 5 Funko Pop [Feb. 6th, 2015|03:34 pm]
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Today I hit a bit of a snag, as I don't actually own any Funko Pop figurines.
I was telling my friend Cate I should do a Favorite Tsum Tsum 5 instead, to which she replied I could do that, but I could also just list 5 Funko that I like best, even though I don't own them.
So I decided to combine both my own idea of listing my fave 5 Tsum Tsums, but also Cate's great idea of listing the 5 Funko I'd like to own.
I had a look at the Funko Pop! website and picked these :)
It's probably for the best I don't collect these, I'd be really poor if I did, so many awesome ones! It was really hard to pick just 5 XD

1. The Rocketeer
I love the movie (best live action movie Disney has ever done!) and I love most of the comics (both original and new ones). So obviously, I'd love to get my hands on a Rocketeer Funko!


2. Mystery Minis Zero


3. Batman keychain
I grew up watching Adam West as Batman, and loved the episodes. I also grew up watching the cartoons. I never really got into the comics, because it was really hard to get my hands on comics where I lived. Nowadays getting single issues is still a massive pain sadly. But I do plan to start buying the New 52 Batman bundles at some point :)
I still watch Batman cartoons whenever I can, my favourite cartoon series are Batman Beyond and Batman: the Brave and the Bold :)


4. Fred from Big Hero 6.
I've not seen Big Hero 6 yet sadly, as it doesn't get released in Belgium 'till next week Wednesday or Thursday, but I do plan on going to see it next weekend :)
So I don't know whether or not I like the movie yet, but I do love the look of Fred's battle armor!
I definitely want the Tsum Tsum of that too when it comes out :)


5. Cogsworth.
He's a cute clock, I'm a steampunk, this really needs NO further explanation.


Fandom Friday: 6.2.2015

1. James P. Sullivan, aka Sulley, from Disney/Pixar's Monsters University and Monsters Inc
The Monsters movie are tied as my favourite Disney/Pixar movies. When Monsters Inc played in Belgian theatres I even went to see it twice :)
I held off seeing Monsters University, because I had heard mixed reviews and kind of didn't want to venture near as I loved Monsters Inc so much. But then my babysit kids showed upwith the movie in tow and begged for me to put it on and so I saw it in Japanese. And I loved it, even in a language I didn't even understand (they also speak English, luckily, but the youngest's English isn't really good enough to watch a movie in it). So when at Coleruyt the movie turned out to be super cheap, Bert bought it for me. He agrees with me that the prequel is definitely exactly as good as the original.
Aside from that, Sulley is also my favourite Pixar character full stop, so of course I wanted the Tsum Tsum.
But the Tsum Tsum has only been released in this giant box of Tsum Tsums that costed € 200+ when it was still available.
Obiously a bunch of people got their hands on it, opened it up and sold the Tsums inside separately, so he was available on ebay, but generall for € 20. I did make a point out of it to check regularly and suddenly I found a seller that had him for, shipping included, € 7.
It was the last one too. Needless to say I got him.

Sulley Tsum Tsum

2. Werewolf Goofy
Of the classic Fab 5 (Mickey & Friends), Goofy has always been my favourite. And I also love Halloween. So this comes as no surprise :)
I got him via my usual shopping service, who is all kinds of AWESOME (and I can't thank her enough for all the things she helps me get!) from Japan :)

Halloween 2014 - Werewolf Goofy Tsum Tsum

3. Figaro
I don't much like Pinocchio, the movie Figaro is from, but the kitten is super cute, and so is his Tsum Tsum version.
He's actually my very first Tsum Tsum, I got him at the Emporium on Main Street USA in Disneyland Paris last October :)

Figaro Tsum Tsum

4. Zero
I love The Nightmare before Christmas, and Zero is definitely my favourite. I just think the little ghost dog is all kinds of adorable. I have a couple of key chain plushes, a big plushie and a few other random Zero bits and bobs, so obviously I wanted the Tsum Tsum too.
Sadly it was the same situation as with the Sulley one, but luckily the same ebay seller that had Sulley had 2 Zeros in stock, also for € 7, shipping included, so obviously I got one whilst I could :)
I don't think I could have gotten Zero and Sulley cheaper than that!
(Consider that at Disneyland Paris you pay € 5,95 for a Tsum Tsum and you'll know that € 7 is very reasonable).

Zero Tsum Tsum

5. Cheshire Cat
The Cheshire Cat is actually my favorite Disney character full stop. So I had to have the Tsum Tsum and shopping service requested him from the Japanese Disney Store. He ranks at 5 because I don't think he's very cute as a Tsum Tsum, but hey, Cheshire Cat! :)

Cheshire Cat Tsum Tsum

For those that want to see (nearly) all my Tsum Tsums (I've not gotten round to taking individual photos of all of them yet, but they are all in the set somewhere ^^), click here.

And on a different note, todays photo: 6.2.2015 (day 37)
In Wonderland skirt, a collaboration of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright with the Japanese Disney Store, a Cheshire Cat iPhone charm which I shall dismantle and turn into a brooch (no way I'm ever buying an iPhone!) and three Valentine's Day Tsum Tsums: Chip, Pooh and Piglet.

Photo of the day: 6.2.2015 (day 37)