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Fandom Friday - 5 favourite accessories - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Fandom Friday - 5 favourite accessories [Jan. 30th, 2015|07:37 pm]
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Cate of Cateclysmic started this and asked what other people's are, so here I go.

1. Aslan pocket watch.
I'm not a massive fan of Disney's Narnia franchise per sé. I didn't much care for the first movie, which I think is pretty Lord of the Rings lite. I did enjoy the second one a lot more though, and the third was probably the best.
That said, I do like Aslan, I like lions and I LOVE pocket watches. Fossil probably my favorite brand.
So when I saw this limited edition Narnia Fossil x Disney pocket watch on ebay at an affordable price, I went *snatch*.
It's been my fateful companion ever since, I think I've had it since 2008 now.
It's a bit battered but I don't care, I love it to bits ^^

Narnia limited edition Aslan pocket watch by Fossil

2. Batman leggings
I got these at H&M and bought a spare 2nd pair at another H&M a few months later because I simply love them so much.
I love Batman cartoons, I've been watching them for as long as I can remember. Due to living in a town with no comic book store, and the next town over's store being sketchy at best with getting issues in stock, I never really got into the comics, but I think I'm going to start collecting the new 52 Batman bundles later this year :)

Photo of the day: 11.1.2014

3. Avengers totebag
It's no secret I'm a bit of a comic book geek, albeit selectively so.
One of the series I've come to collect is Thor: God of Thunder and the new female Thor (albeit only in bundle as that's easier for me for several reasons). I also really enjoyed the first Avenger movie they released some time back and the new cartoon series (both Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Avengers Assemble) so when I saw this totebag at the Primark in Liège for a mere €4, I did not hesitate :)
Now I can take the Avengers out for shopping whenever I want :D

Avengers totebag

4. Duffy the Disney Bear attachment bag
Because you can attach it to a belt or another bag or whatever :D
I've always had a bit of a weak spot for cute little teddybears, which I try to resist because I don't particularly feel like having bears take over my home :)
That said, I could NOT resist this cute little Duffy bag.
I got it via a shopping service for Tokyo Disney Sea not long before my 30th birthday, and in the nearly 4,5 years I've had him, he's accompanied me to several events and trips to Disneyland Paris ^^
There's not much room inside him, but plenty of space to put my inhalers in so it's all good.
And he's cute!

My Duffy bag on my lap

5. Doctor Who scarves.
The Tardis scarf is by binary winter, the Dalek scarf by Geekiana, both are sellers on etsy.
I grew up watching Doctor Who, watching it together with my dad on the beeb even before I understood English and when I was probably too young to even understand what was going on.
Long story short, this is probably my favourite sci-fi show in general, so I'm pretty fond on these scarves, even though I don't wear them very often.

tardis scarfDalek scarf