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Yesterday & today's daily photo [Jan. 26th, 2015|03:13 pm]
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Photo of the day: 25.1.2015 (day 25)

Photo of the day: 25.1.2015 (day 25)
Organic oatmeal milk by Oatly.
I do like the flavor, but I don't like that it just makes me thirsty.
Camera: Canon EOS 700D

Photo of the day: 26.1.2015 (day 26)

Photo of the day: 26.1.2015 (day 26)
Week before last Saturday I finally bothered to get a new strap for my watch, one that isn't too wide or playing merry hell with my bracelets (like the original band did). I just didn't manage to take a photo before now.
In any case I'll be able to wear my wristwatch more again. I love my pocket watch and bag watch, but sometimes they're just not very practical and a wristwatch is a better option :)
Camera: Canon EOS 700