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The Tsum Tsum madness continues! - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The Tsum Tsum madness continues! [Jan. 21st, 2015|01:59 pm]
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This is a continuation of this post, which is the first one on my Tsum Tsum collection.

Photo of the day: 21.1.2015 (day 21)

Photo of the day: 21.1.2015 (day 21)
New Year/Year of the Sheep 2015 Chip and classic Mickey Mouse, both from the Japanese Disney Store.
Matcha kitkats for Rosa and Babs :)
The Chip Tsum Tsum is for my ever growing Chip Tsum Tsums collection, the Mickey one is for my friend Sam (it's one of his birthday presents). Sadly they didn't release a Year of the Sheep Goofy, but my wallet rejoices over that fact.
I've got two more coming via Dan & Jon in the US (thanks guys!) and I still want to get Zero and Sulley, I'm hoping that eventually the US or European Disney Stores will get those because I'm not willing to pay the ebay prices. I may still get Stitch too.
I'm definitely going to get Lotso for Shinto's birthday and Cleo for Loa's :)
And Piglet for my mum's birthday :)

Camera: Canon EOS 700D

Year of the Sheep (2015) Chip Tsum Tsum

Mickey Mouse Tsum Tsum

And because I can at the moment as they are both at my house: Mickey and his teddybear Duffy.

Mickey and his teddybear Duffy

Mickey and his teddybear Duffy

Neat pile of Tsum Tsums

All the Tsum Tsums

Tsum Tsums rearranged by Loa X_x

Loa's idea of arranging TsumTsums for a photo