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First day of the winter sales and Disneyland Paris - Ice Dreams - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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First day of the winter sales and Disneyland Paris - Ice Dreams [Jan. 6th, 2015|11:17 am]
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Photo of the day: 3.1.2015 (day 3)

Photo of the day: 3.1.2015 (day 3)
Cheshire Cat ice sculpture at Disneyland Paris - Ice Dreams.
Camera: Canon EOS 700D

On Saturday the 3rd Bert and I got up early to catch the train to Antwerp that would get us there 15 minutes after most stores opened. There were a lot more people taking the same train than I had anticipated, but we still found a space to sit down in the train, and once we got into Antwerp, it didn't actually seem that crowded. Not more so than a regular Saturday (albeit a regular Saturday slightly later in the day).
Once we got onto the shopping street it wasn't that bad either, and we figured that seeing we didn't just randomly want to go into every shop, we'd just stick to the ones we actually WANT to go to because we either wanted or needed something from there.

The first Sasha shop was a bust, as they didn't have the shoes Bert wanted, but it wasn't crowded there at all.
Next we hit Zara, and it became INSTANTLY clear why the Meir wasn't crowded: everyone was inside Zara.
I had seen a blouse a I wanted in the Mechelen shop a couple of months ago, but I didn't want to spend the full price (nearly € 30 on it). I had said that if it went down 50% I'd get it, but the cheapest blouses were still nearly € 20. So we fled the scene for Forever 21, figuring that it'd be the same hell. Only to realise the store was virtually empty.
I'm guessing that most people came by train, or started at the station side of the Meir, and went to the largest H&M and Zara first, so by skipping those, we were ahead of them.
We didn't find anything we wanted from F21 either, so we decided to go to the other Sacha, FNAC and Dille & Kamille instead.

The other Sacha had actually completely sold out the pair of burgundy derbies Bert wanted, and the burgundy brogues weren't on sale, so he decided to give shoes a miss. But as that store was off the Meir and the Groenplaats, it was pretty calm too. Slightly calmer than usual on a Saturday I'd say.

I quickly ran into Veritas, where I bumped into my friend Caroline (not Caroline from the J-fashion group, another Caroline) but didn't find the socks I wanted (boo!) and then joined Bert at FNAC. Passing by Mango, that was apparently the reason why the Groenplaats shopping center was quiet as everyone seemed to be in there. Luckily I didn't have to be there!

I had a € 10 gift card for FNAC, that Sam had given me for Christmas, and I was hellbent on buying a Disney Infinity 2.0 Thor figurine. Because I like how the figurines look and I can just hang them up in the package, it's really handy. I don't play either of the Disney Infinity games but that isn't stopping me from getting figures that I like :)
Bert and I also just looked around for a bit, because it wasn't crowed at all. We realised they were now selling the Lomography L'Instant, which is Lomo's answer to Fujifilm's instax cameras for around € 120. It even works on that film.
Frankly I don't understand why anyone wants to buy that (other than worshippers of the cult of Lomo or collectors) because it's not actually better than the basic instax models, which are all at least € 40 cheaper and it's not as good as the NEO CLASSIC, not by a longshot. So you're better off spending less for a basic instax or shelling out more for a really good model.
But I got Thor, Bert looked around but didn't find anything he wanted and we decided we wanted to go to Dille & Kamille.

Dille & Kamille was the emptieth I'd EVER seen it, which was both surprising (because I had never seen it that empty before) and unsurprising (because it's apart from the shopping street and not really a shop that does sales) at the same time.
I had given Bert a € 20 gift certificate for there for Christmas, because he loves so much from that store and that way he could choose himself. He had been oggling the retro kitchen scales from there for a while, so he got one of those.
I got a bar of milk chocolate with nougat, which remains my favourite. Either Café Tasse stopped doing their tea chocolates, or Dille & Kamille stopped stocking them, I am no longer faced with the difficult choice between white matcha chocolate and milk with nougat haha.

We were quite hungry by then, and went to Super Natural Food, which was closed. And had a "FREE WIFI" sign right over the opening hours (very clever guys, NOT) so we decided to go to Exxki instead.
Exxki started to get really crowed when we got in, with people starting to become all kinds of stupid as a concequence. But we managed to eat in peace and leave in one piece :)

Disneyland Paris Ice Dreams

After lunch it was time for the Disneyland Paris - Ice Dreams ice sculpture exhibit on the south of Antwerp. So we walked there as I really wanted to see it and our friend Agnes had given us free tickets that her dad had won (thanks again guys!). It wasn't crowed at all, which was a good thing as you had very little space to move in between the sculptures. I was warm enough, because I had brought an extra woolen sweater and wore thick socks and packed gloves. Bert, however, had ignored my "it's minus 6 in there so pack something warm!) and stood there in his Chucks with regular socks, no extra warm clothes and no gloves. That'll teach him not to listen hahahahahaha :D


Peter Pan sculptures


I did get him a jenever to warm up mind :)

Bert can haz jenever :)



All the other Ice Dreams photos are here :)
I'll do a proper review in the next edition of BCM ^^

We had warm waffles in the cafetaria after we got out to warm up again. Well, mainly so Bert could warm up again :)
We decided to walk back through the antique disctrict, because those streets are a lot nicer than the Nationalestraat, which isn't very nice at all. But we ended up not going in any shops, because Bert still wanted to go to H&M and Mediamarkt and we wanted to keep our money, because you never knew what we'd still find in those stores :)

When crossing the Handschoenmarkt, completely random, there were these colorful inflatable elephants. As it wasn't raining anymore and thus safe for me to get out my SLR, I took some pictures :)

random elephants

random elephants

The camera did go back into my backpack before entering H&M mind, because crowds + bags + camera = not a good idea.
It wasn't quite as crowded as I had expected, but still too crowded for me to actually want to go and dig through the sales racks. I did considering going to dig for a shirt with old skool comic and Batman (Adam West period) fight bubbles saying POW! and such, after I found a size 44 one randomly in the men's department, but I figured that seeing it doesn't really match any of my skirts bar one, I'd rather not spend the € 10.
It was really cool though, but I don't want to buy more clothes I'll hardly wear.

Mediamarkt also had nothing we wanted, so I ended up spending hardly any money, which is great, more money to go in my holiday saving fund so I can take a trip with Bert later this year :)

And as Saturday is also Caturday, here's a picture of Loa being lazy.

Caturday: 3.1.2015

After having seen Ice Dreams, I do want to make an effort to see the Disneyland Paris sand sculptures this summer though :)
But first: back to work, as my break is over! :)