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BCM #22 is out now for FREE download! [Jan. 1st, 2015|11:50 am]
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BCM #22 OUT NOW for free download!

Get your FREE copy right here!

First things first: Happy New Year everyone! May 2015 bring you nothing but good things!

This edition we bring you plenty of images from Japan as Helcanen went there last autumn, and you can see the results of her photographic endeavours in a Gunma special.

Of course our features don’t end there. As this issue spans February, we are back with our annual love feature, because you can never have too many positive vibes! The J-fashion doesn’t end there, as we also cover the super cool aomoji kei style written by the talented Lonbon Lonlon, make sure to keep an eye on her twitter because she may elaborate even more on it in the future on her personal pages!

When it comes to music we not only have reviews of releases and concerts but also an interview with CROSSFAITH and Satsuki.

On the front of art, we spoke to super talented Junko Mizuno, a famous name from the Japanese manga and illustration world, who briefly visited Belgium late 2014.

To top all of this and much more off, you can win some signed cheki (from some members of CROSSFAITH and Satsuki) too, so check that out as well!

I hope you’ll enjoy this edition and would like to thank all our readers and the crew of BCM for sticking with us another year! May there be many more to come!