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The Saturday of Japan Expo: 5.7.2014 - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The Saturday of Japan Expo: 5.7.2014 [Jul. 14th, 2014|11:58 am]
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On Saturday we got up at stupid o’ clock (3am) to leave the house at 4 to be able to get at the event before 9am, as that was the entrance time.

Partial group shot in front of the Lunieshop.com stand

And again, the press wasn’t allowed in early this year. I have to say, last year when we were allowed in when we arrived, things went a _lot_ smoother. Originally we were right by the entrance, but Bert wanted to do another light test in a nearby location so when we were finished doing that, of course there was a massive queue. Typical.
At least I got outfit photos I suppose :)

Photo of the day: 4.7.2014 (day 185)

Photo of the day: 4.7.2014 (day 185)
Originally I had planned to wear this outfit, but last minute I overhauled the top part.
Camera: Canon EOS 700D

Outfit: 5.7.2014

Goggles: customised vintage
Glasses: Theo
Pauldron: Poorman's Gold Label
Gear bird hairclip: made it myself
Flower hairclip: asos
Top: 3Suisses
Hip bag: Zara Girls
Thin belt: Moda
Fan holder: Poorman's Gold Label (the fan inside was bought in Venice, Italy, years ago)
Drawsting kraken bag: Watalis
Air kraken: Doop Theory
Skirt: made it myself (it's full of gears ^^)
Petticoats: Dear Celine and American Apparel
Spats: my own design, made them myself
Shoes: Secret Shop
Accessories: Camden Lock Market, Poorman's Gold Label, Fossil, asos, handmade, vintage, Pandora, Abraxion, Moonraven Designs

What bugged me the most about being in that queue was a press team with massive cameras on reel like contraptions, that tried to cut in. And whilst they didn’t exactly were the best dressed people in the room (far from), they kept on making very loud and very rude comments about people’s outfits. Sure, you don’t have to like what you see, and you could even make a quiet comment to a friend, but really, show some fucking respect when you go to an event. Especially as press you’re supposed to behave better. Oh and if you have zero respect for people wearing J-fashions or cosplay, then what the fuck are you doing at an event like Japan Expo?
Of course, once the queue started moving, I dragged Bert along and cut right back in front of them to our original spots, ignoring their rude comments directed at me and being insistently only Dutch speaking :)
They were the douchebags, not us.
Seriously, some people.

I had full well expected a whole massive crowd on Saturday, but whilst there were a lot more people, it was actually alright. Far less bad than I expected in any case. I think the set-up of the convention had a lot to do with it, with its large lanes at the side. It’s certainly something cons like Made in Asia could learn from.

Turned out that my initial fear that I wouldn’t be able to get enough material for a review, snap page, and photo page was totally unfounded, because I got ample material. Unlike the Wednesday Bert and I really got to look around


Vocaloid statue

Steampunk girls

Super sweet steampunk girls I ran into and photographed for the snap and the review on The Gatehouse :)
It was great to see someone else doing colour with steampunk :)

maneki neko tassle

Slightly creepy doll


Steampunk Batman and Riddler

and still do our work for King Records,

light testing with Ryo

(Bert light testing with Ryo for the shoot with NoGoD later),

get a fujiroid photo of Bert and I together at the Fuji stand. The staff was confused why I asked them to take it with my camera, but I wanted the comics frame on the photo really :) I should have set it to distance though, then it would have been super sharp rather than the same quality as the older models, oh well, I still like it loads :)

Bert and I

AND I got to go to the J-fashion meet in front of Lunie’s stand and hang out with friends there for a bit, total bonus :)

Lunieshop stand (lunieshop.com)

Lunie & Dody

Lunie & I


The ever amazing looking Lunie.


The also ever amazing looking Dody.

With Misako

When the J-fashion meet was starting to build up, Misako Aoki suddenly wandered by Lunie's shop. Of course a lot of people asked to take her photo and/or a photo with her :)
Thank you Lunie for taking this one!


Marie, one of the leading J-fashionistas of France.

Partial group shot in front of the Lunieshop.com stand

We tried to get a group shot, which Bert kindly volunteered to take for us.
Sadly there were so many douchebags trying to also get a shot, that Bert simply didn’t have the space to move and get us all in the frame :(
Group shots at cons are so hard because of jerks trying to get their shot in, which ends with us, the people posing for it, not getting a good shot ourselves. So yeah, thanks you arseholes, for nothing at all! Think before you act you tossjobs!

Bert and I

Lunie was so kind to take a photo of Bert and I together! Thanks Lunie! :)

Some fun snaps from the shoot we did with NoGoD.

smartphone fun

Cheki time!


I’m keeping the other photos under proverbial lock and key, because I still need those for the next edition of BCM.
What I can say is that the guys from NoGoD are all super nice.

Dancho with my folding fan

Especially Dancho, who is one of the genuinely jolliest people you’ll ever encounter!

Dancho trying on my pauldron

Photo of the day: 5.7.2014 (day 186)
Dancho trying on my Poorman's Gold Label armor :)
Camera: Canon EOS 700D

NoGoD live

Their live was really cool too, very energetic and I loved the light on the stage. It was fantastic to take photos in. I wish every venue had light like this! EVERY SINGLE VENUE NEEDS TO HAVE THIS LIGHT! *ahem* (this was brought on by too many gigs in horrible lighting circumstances that make photographing misery).

Dancho during the NoGoD live

I even managed to take a live fujiroid! How cool is that! :)

More photos to look at:

All my photos (and some of Bert’s) are here.
And for a proper review, click here.
Bert's photos of NoGoD live. There will be an interview with NoGoD as well as a concert review in the next edition of BCM :)