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International Steampunk Day - 14.6.2014 - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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International Steampunk Day - 14.6.2014 [Jun. 18th, 2014|12:13 pm]
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Last Saturday it was Artifakt's annual International Steampunk Day meet.
Normally we would have held a picknick like last year, but because it looked like it would only be 3 of us on Thursday we decided that we were going to go to Momade Cupcakes instead. On Friday Babs decided to come too, which was of course A-ok and Christophe and Jolien joined us too on the day, so in theory we could have picknicked after all, oh well :)
Hopefully better luck next year :)
But you know, this year we had a great time so all is well :)

Cutethulhu is a cupcake thief

We gathered at Antwerp Central station, and wandered up to Momade as Christophe texted us that him and Jolien were going to meet up with us there.
I wondered if we were going to be able to beat them to there as it is a 20 minute walks, but we were there 15 minutes before them still so it was all good :)
It was the first time they were joining us, so I didn't particulary feel like making them wait for us.

I had a cupcake with blueberries on top, and to be fair, I wasn't that keen on it. It was alright and all, but I've had much better cupcakes in the past.


After cupcakes Jolien and Christophe had to leave, and Babs wanted to check out this tiny British store. Which was RIDICULOUSLY overpriced, far too hot and cramped. I'm not claustrophobic, but places like that make me feel like I am.
It took me about 5 minutes before I felt like I was going to loose the plot from sheer and utter spacial induced stress and said I was going to wait outside. In the end Marijke was the only one that could stand the horridness of the shop and bought some things.

Marijke found traditional lemonade

The soccer craze is still in full force.
It's not going to get better now Belgium won their first match against Algeria.

Soccer madness in the flowerpot

I had suggested to go to 8tea5, because you know, it's 8tea5 and we all like (bubble) tea :)
Marijke had never had it before, first time for everything :)

Of course, scribbling in the guestbook and the Artifakt Chronicles had to happen.

Agnes writing in the 8tea5 guestbook

Scribbling in the 8tea5 guestbook

Artifakt Chronicles - Steampunk Day meet entry

Cutethulhu tried to steal my bubble tea, nothing new there!

Cutehulhu steals the tea

We had fun with cameras, also nothing new :)

Babs has seen the light

Fun with light bulbs

Ling Hua, one of the proprietors of 8tea5, was kind enough to take the group shot :)

group shot

We decided to go grab the nearby nice looking old doors as a backdrop for outfit shots. We've used them before, but they're fab looking and conviniently nearby 8tea5 so I'm sure we'll be using them again :)

Marijke, the only one of us wearing proper steampunk :)


Babs, wearing a contemporary take on dieselpunk. We jokingly call it hipster dieselpunk. In jest of course!


Agnes, mixing SteamGoth and Gothic Lolita.


My outfit, photo by Babs :)
I wanted to wear casual steampunk, but with teal and aqua colours thrown in the mix :)
The skirt has a clock print, which sadly doesn't show well on photos.

Outfit: 14.6.2014

Hairband: Veritas
Glasses: Theo
Goggles: customised vintage
Flower brooch: Veritas
Black top: Forever 21
Octopus top: Friendly Oak
Hip bag: Zara Girls
Skirt: made it myself (it has a clock print all over it)
Bags: Zatchels and Disney Japan
Air kraken: Cutethulhu (by Doop Theory)
Key print socks: one of the brands sold via Sock Dreams
Spats: my own design, made them myself
Shoes: Secret Shop (tea parties)
Accessories: Angelic Pretty, Fossil, Poorman's Gold Label, Moon Raven Designs, Pica Pica Press, etsy, Prague Goldsmith Street, handmade, Atelier Tausandschön, America Today

Of course more photos were taken, you can see the lot of them here :)

[User Picture]From: arukochan
2014-06-18 01:35 pm (UTC)
I really had a great time! Hoping to hang out again soon ^_^
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[User Picture]From: kittensandsteam
2014-06-19 12:52 pm (UTC)
Dat zal wel lukken zeker, ik zal eens een post maken op de Artifakt fb :)
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