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Friday, 14.3.2014 - Made in Asia - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Friday, 14.3.2014 - Made in Asia [Mar. 18th, 2014|02:20 pm]
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Bert and I went to Made in Asia two days this year. Generally he manages to escape going both days, but this time I wasn't the only one suffering a double take, hurrah. It's not that I don't like MiA, it's just that two days really takes it's toll on my health, and it kind of is starting to annoy me that I seem to be unable to just go one day. I always end up having to be there two days for BCM. Hopefully better luck next year! In any case, I had fun for most of it so I suppose it's all good.
For those wanting to read a proper review about MiA, you can either click this handy link to the one I just posted on The Gatehouse, or wait for the next edition of BCM to be released on April 30th :)

adorable ice cream purses

We were going on Friday because Râmen Events had asked BCM to attend their HIGHFeel Europe/ADAMS press conference. And considering Bert and I could both escape work in the afternoon, we agreed to attend. More about that in the next BCM for sure so if you like ADAMS or like to know more about the newest company dealing with J-culture in Europe don't forget to check it out!
We'll also have an interview with ADAMS and some concert reviews of their gigs on their currently ongoing European tour.

Anyway, we got in and bumped into Natacha, who is in Artifakt with me. Sadly I was trying to get my bearings of where to go from the games room into the con (yeah we got in via a different entrance, typical of us really) and make it to the appointment for the pres conference in time so I didn't really get to properly stop and say hello or take a photo of her costume :(
Sorry Tasha!

I ended up calling one of the girls in the organisation, who told me the meeting time had moved forward, so whilst Bert found it more prudent to keep waiting, I went to get my order from lunie_chan who had a stand with LunieShop.

Photo taking at Lunie's stand of course had to happen.

cute rings at LunieShop

Lunie and friend

And outfit photo taking as well off course!

Lunie's outfit:



details of Lunie's outfit

details of Lunie's outfit

And then it was time for the press conference, of which I won't post photos 'till the next edition of BCM is out.

After that Bert and I wandered around a little, I went to say hello to Lunie again, who took my outfit photo.

outfit: 14.3.2014

Black orchid hairband: Crown & Glory
Black rose in hair: H&M
Black hairband: Veritas
Blouse: thrifted (C&A)
Waistcoat: made it myself
Skirt:made it myself
Petticoats: Dear Celine and American Apparel
Tights: Primark
Socks: Asos
Shoes: Emillio Luca X
Accessories: Pandora, Curvy's, Prague Goldsmith Street, Poorman's Gold Label, Moonraven Designs, Abraxion, Theo, handmade, vintage, Fossil

And I took some more photos :)

Photo of the day (day 73).

Photo of the day: 14.3.2014 (day 73)


Doreamon statues

Sakura and dust spirits

I love the hakama trousers by Aoi Clothing, but sadly at € 170 they're well out of my price range. So I took a photo of one of their vendors wearing a pair instead :)

The guy from Aoi Clothing

Lintje, who was helping out at Mad Modesty's stand.




Bert and I still had plans for the evening, so we left before the crowds would rush in for the free evening hours :)
We ended exiting via the Creativa art's fair and because we still had time and I love photobooths, we stopped for this one :)

Creativa photobooth fun

Of course I took many more photos, you can see them all here :)