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Finally, some order in all the chaos, hell yes!

Because this blog used to be chaos incorporated (seriously), even with the tags, I decided to rehash the index page of my website and use that as a handy index for all the stuff I fill my days with.

Of course, it still needs some tweaking and re-designing, which will be a job for weekends, but for now, there is order in the chaos :)

Click here :)

Outfit: 23.12.2015

The last issue of BCM

Thr last issue of BCM

Welcome to the 40th and, for the foreseeable future, last edition of BCM.
Yes, that’s right, BCM is going on a hiatus. We might be back in a while, but we might also not be.
The reason is simple: I have other things, such as my education (you don’t even want to know how many classes I have missed because of BCM ><), I have to prioritise right now, and putting together a magazine is simply not combinable with life at the moment. Considering I can’t guarantee quality anymore, I rather put this on hold. If I bring it back, it will be full force again, but I’m not doing a half assed job. We’ve been around for over 7+ years, and I wish to profoundly thank all the friends I’ve made being editor in chief, the cool people I’ve met, everyone who helped this together, be it translators, management, artists, record company folks, my amazing crew and especially our readers.
Make sure to keep an eye on the socials of our crew members, because they’re bound to be doing more amazing things in the future!

Nevertheless, this one is packed, 100+ pages packed, with reviews, interviews, make-up tutorials, travel photography and a ton more. And you can still win stuff! So check that out!

It’s been a blast, but sadly all good things must come to an end! From the bottom of my heart: thank you for being with us!

Also guys, please, no DMs to keep asking questions about this. There's no big drama, there's no fight or disagreement with anyone. There's no personal politics in play. It's honestly like I said, I want to focus on painting, and I just don't have the time to properly commit myself to it. Choices must be made, and I choose art :). It's the god honest truth to it, and there's really nothing else behind the hiatus. So if someone does insist on attempting to pry for something that isn't there, I will simply reply with the link to this post ;)

Now that that's all said: grab your free copy here :)
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