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ARRRRR! [Sep. 21st, 2013|01:09 pm]
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Last Thursday was International Talk Like a(n Air) Pirate Day. Not wanting to pass up on the occassion we decided to hold the monthly Artifakt steampunk meet on that day :)

Cutethulhu is a pirate kraken

My friends Lora and Agnes, who are in the Belgian Cupcakes J-fashion group with me decided to come too because you know: Pirate Day and the promise of fun :)

I found Dorian on the escalator from the platfrom to the station hall as his train had pulled up next to mine arriving. People on the escalator were giving us both funny looks as I called out to him but hey, their problem, not ours :)

Laurens was already there as he had come early to keep me company as I was going to be 45 minutes early, which was mega nice of him.
Normally I would have worn my tricorn hat and pirate boots, but due to circumstances that didn't happen this year, so I'll just do it next year. Dorian and Laurens on the other hand, were dressed up as pirates :)

Dorian and Laurens

Some arrogant old geezer approached us demanding to know what we were doing, trying to make Laurens look silly by asking questions about the history of the flintlock and tricorn hat, clearly thinking that Laurens didn't know anything about it and he'd be able to "educate" him. Which of course failed miserably. Tough luck oldtimer.

Agnes arrived next and gave me two packs of mini macha Kitkats for Bert and I (thanks again Agnes). I gave one Kitkat to Dorian and Laurens to share because they had never had Japanese candy before.

Inspite of Laurens face on the photo he did like it, but Dorian was really that shocked about the fact that the chocolate was green.

Laurens can haz match Kitkat

Green chocolate confuses Dorian

The rest arrived too and we went on our merry way.
I had expected that a lot of people would behave like douchebags, as is often the case at Lolita fashion meets, but aside from one idiots shouting "hey Captain Hook!" no one behaved badly at all. I was tempted to call back "you're wrong, Captain Hook has a red coat!" but I really couldn't be bothered to be honest.

We encountered this strange nautical container art thingamajig.
I kindda wish I had an outfit photo taken in front of it because it was blue and I had a lot of blue in my outfit. Oh well!

Inspecting the strange nautical contraption

Our first stop was the thrift shop, which had an "everything at €1" day going on. I found a shirt, which claimed to be my size, but in reality isn't a 38 but more like a 46. I should have paid better attention in the shop but I stopped looking after the funky shoulder details and seeing it was originally € 14 and now € 1 I figured: hey what the heck, I'll just take it!
I think I'll turn it into spats :)

OMG! A cog!

OMG, a cog on the banner!

After that it was time for one of our preferred haunts: the 8tea5 bubble tea bar!

my tea!

Cutethulhu always wants bubble tea

One straw is not enough

As our illustrious leader demonstrates, drinking bubble tea is serious business.

Artifakt at 8tea5

After yummy (bubble) tea we went into the side street next to 8tea5 to go take photos against the pretty building :)


SammySammy and his vintage camera

Sam bought this awesome 1950s vintage camera, I'm curious to see how the photos turned out!



Dorian, our illustrious leader:


My outfit, I went for SteamGoth with blue accents. Picture by Sammy :)

outfit: 19.9.2013

Hairband: Veritas
Faux fur shawl: River Island
Scarf: Binary Winter, it's actually a Tardis scarf!
Goggles: some random pair from a random shop
Shirt: La Redoute
Waistcoat: my own design, made it myself
Sash: scarf from C&A
Hip bag: Zara Girls
Skirt: my own design, made it myself
Stockings: Teja Jamilla
Spats: my own design, made them myself
Boots: Kickers
Accessories: Theo, Poorman's Gold Label, Skullery, Etsy, Moon Raven Design, Pandora, Abraxion, Prague Goldsmith Street, vintage, Atelier Tausendschön







We decided to go check out the other Think Twice thrift store, which was also having a € 1 day, but for some reason that was closed. So the boys went into FANS whilst the girls, not wanted to be tempted by shinies, decided to wait outside to safeguard our finances.

We ended up at Quetzal chocolate bar, because you know, chocolate.
Where Laura joined us because you know, chocolate :)


We also have Artifakt chronicles now, this is the first meet entry :)

Artifakt chronicles entry for the September meet :)

More photos are here.

[User Picture]From: arukochan
2013-09-21 08:07 pm (UTC)
Ik heb me echt geweldig goed geamuseerd! En zolang mijn wanna-be steampunk getolereerd wordt zal ik zeker nog eens komen ;)
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: kittensandsteam
2013-10-06 06:32 pm (UTC)
Eh, we kunnen je altijd wel extra accessoires vinden voor je SteamGoth Lolita outfit hoor :)
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)