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Bal Populaire with Artifakt and Radio Modern - Mechelen, Belgium, 21.7.2014 - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Bal Populaire with Artifakt and Radio Modern - Mechelen, Belgium, 21.7.2014 [Jul. 31st, 2014|09:38 pm]
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Fun with the Photomatique photobooth

Googling the week prior I had discovered that Radio Modern (aka The House of Swing) a really cool retro dance thing which I had been wanting to do for absolute YEARS (no exaggeration), was going to host Bal Populaire in Mechelen on Belgium's national holiday.
So of course, I wanted to go, even in Mechelen :)

The weather was alright when we got there, even though it looked like rain. They were still getting organised on the Grand Market Square, even though quite a few people in dieselpunk/rockabilly/retro style outfits were there already. I was kinda tempted to ask them for outfit snaps for BCM, but I got distracted by finding Dorian and Sammy instead.
Which sucks because I would have loved some photos of the fabulous dressed people. I shan't fail to photograph them next time!
I was so fail that day I didn't even get an outfit shot myself, and I even wore dieselpunk for the occassion too!


Artifakt's illustrious leader Dorian H. Leamy.


Sammy, our resident prop & weapon builder. He wasn't as skeptic as he seemed in that picture at that point at night :)

Selfie of Bert and I

We went to find some food for Sammy, flopping down on a bench at the nearest chip shop, holding places. And of course it started to drizzle. Bert and I passed the time taking selfies, because you know, my camera is waterproof (well not all of them, but the one I took is).

Bert pretty much only wears dieselpunk these days (and mostly of the surf punk variety) but that's fine, we at Artifakt don't discriminate when it comes to 'punk styles :)

Sam can haz food

Sam has found food.

Artifakt Chronicles

Whilst we were sitting down we also took the time to write in the Artifakt Chronicles (or as Bert would say: I took the time to make people write in them). I finished the page with photos the next day :)

Fun with the Photomatique photobooth

Fun with the Photomatique photobooth

The photomatique photo booth was there as well, and I had made sure to get plenty of € 2 coins. For € 2 you got 2 sheets of 3 different photos. So Sam, Dorian and I went in twice :)
I gave them a sheet each too ^^

We did consider (well Dorian and I did) getting our hair done by The Modernettes, but the queue was enormous. And when the dance instruction started, it errupted in chaos and stopped moving at all.
Because the weather had gotten worse, we decided to go for drinks at De Gouden Vis (the golden fish) on the Vismarkt (fish market) instead :)

Fun with mirrors

Sort of group shot :)

out for drinks

out for drinks

After drinks, we decided to go back to the square to see what was going on. The queue for the Modernettes was still hella long, so we decided that next time, we'll just go stand in front of their booth before it opens :D
The Photomatique was also still open, so Bert and I went in it together :)

Fun with the Photomatique photobooth

Photo of the day: 21.7.2014 (day 202)
Camera: Photomatique :)


Because the weather was foul and it had gotten quite late (nearing midnight) Dorian rang his dad to pick up him and Sam and we waited with them under the covers near city hall.
They had just left when the fireworks started, so Bert and I stuck around a little more to watch them. No decent photos alas but they were still cool. Because of the bad weather there was a lot of smoke forming, and at one point the entire cathedral was obscured.

I think that next time we try Radio Modern, we'll be going to an indoors one with only people that really want to be there, that'll be much cooler. I'm hoping we'll be able to do one of the October dates in Louvain or Mechelen :)
If the rest of Artifakt doesn't go, I'll try to get Bert to go with me in any case :)
I should make a new skirt though, because my brown circle skirt has become too large on me, and I don't feel like taking it apart to make it fit again, so I'll donate it to my sister in law. If it fits her she can have it :)