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[sticky post] Finally, some order in all the chaos, hell yes! [Apr. 13th, 2016|03:02 pm]
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Because this blog used to be chaos incorporated (seriously), even with the tags, I decided to rehash the index page of my website and use that as a handy index for all the stuff I fill my days with.

Of course, it still needs some tweaking and re-designing, which will be a job for weekends, but for now, there is order in the chaos :)

Click here :)

Outfit: 23.12.2015
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The week in photos: 17-23/10/2016 #photography #fallintodisneystyle #iggletober #dailyphoto [Oct. 24th, 2016|08:18 pm]
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Iggletober day 20 - something purple

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Review: brushes, brushes and more brushes, oh my! :) [Oct. 24th, 2016|11:49 am]
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I have an ever growing collection of make-up brushes. And seeing they're of different brands, I figured a review might be practical for people. Not pictured is the essence lash brush, which has a spoolie on one end and a tiny comb on the other, which was bought with the sole purpose of grooming Loa's face. Yes, you read that right. And if you have a cat, who, like Loa, LOVES to be groomed, even in the face, I would totally recommend this. Another tip: if you have a cat with fine, short fur, don't buy an expensive double sided cat grooming comb. Just go to the pharmacy and buy a plastic lice comb. That's what I did, works just as well and cost me € 2,50 instead of € 20+. 'Nuff said!
But enough of the cat grooming tips, onto the make-up application tools!


From left to right: essence blush brush, concealer brush (x2) and powder brush. HEMA spoolie. ICI PARIS XL brow brush with attached spoolie, fine eye shadow brush, eye shadow applicator and pointed fluffy eye shadow brush (x 2). Real Techniques eyelining set. Snazaroo brush that came with a palette and my beloved Spectrum brushes: blush crush (A05), short 'n' sweet (A13), get your pout out (A15) and to the point (A19).

The essence brushes
essence is a cheap brand of cosmetics and make up accessories. It is how it is. That said, whilst their powder and blush brush lack the density they need to be good applicator brushes, their concealer brushes are, surprisingly, REALLY good. Which is why I own two. They're also good to apply eye shadow primer and because they are so flat and so dense, they are also really good to apply eye shadow under your eye. Of course, there are better brushes for that, but if you're in a bind, or can't shell out cash for a proper applicator for that, this will do the job just fine.
(I've actually given the powder brush to Shinto the iguana because she loves rubbing her face in the bristles, at least there's use to it that way ^^).

HEMA's spoolie
HEMA brushes are notoriously rubbish (I wouldn't go for their make-up either, I only once had a really bad reaction to eye shadow, which has left me with eyes super sensitive to cosmetics, and it was from a HEMA shadow. Trust me, rash on your tear glads = NO FUN). But a spoolie is hard to screw up. Basically, I got this HEMA spoolie because we have a HEMA in town, and they were the only ones that sold affordable spoolies that weren't attached to a brush (I hate that).
This is the second one I bought, because Loa shamelessly claimed the first one to have his face brushed with. Spoiled cat is spoiled.
Basically: it's a spoolie, it's fine, it does the trick. I have no complaints.
Another thing that is good from there are the sponges. At least, if you're using them with aqua, cream or grease paints. I wouldn't use them for any decent cosmetics otherwise. But hey, cheap sfx sponges!

ICI PARIS XL brushes
I really do like their brushes. Quite a bit. They are really affordable (mine are all around € 6 per brush) and you'd be surprised of the quality for that price. I think they can easily compete with that other drugstore brand: Real Techniques. To be honest, I prefer these to my RT brushes.
I love the pointed eye shadow brushes, because you can either style them as a fluffy brush, or as their original pointed form, in which case your fluffy brush is pointed. They're just so practical, and they take on and dispense product REALLY well. The shape just makes them really versatile and no matter how many times you blend with them, they retain their shape really well on top of things. So A+ brushes!
What I really like about the applicator brush, is that the applicator part is removable. It also comes with 2 spares, so if you ruin yours, you still have a couple more to kill before you need to buy a whole new brush (they should just sell them in replacement sets so you never have to replace the brush part). I use it for my gold eye shadow from Sephora, which is a little touch to apply, but with this, it goes on without any problem at all. I find that a lot of applicators feel overly scratchy or rubbery, but this one doesn't have that problem at all. It's also super easy to clean, and lasts for ages. So if you like using applicators and you have access to an ICI PARIS XL, I would really recommend it (as well as the pointed fluff).
I don't actually have any complaints about the eyeliner brush, it's just that I mostly use it for SFX shading and line work, and it does the job just fine.
The spoolie/angled brush combo is the only one I don't like. First of all I don't like my spoolies attached to a brush. I find it unbalances the brush, and it's needlessly cumbersome. Needless to say, I never use that spoolie because I don't like that it's always at the bottom of my mug of brushes. I'm sure the spoolie is fine, mind. The brush itself is what grates on my nerves. It's just too thick and well, too dense to really work for me. I don't really do my brows very often, so I've not felt bothered enough to replace it, but at one point I surely will. Probably with Spectrum's brow love (A17).

Real Techniques eyelining set
I actually wrote a review about these before, so I'll just link to that.
It needs to be said that the brushes have grown a little on me since then.
The precision liner I generally use, together with the thicker IPXL version for SFX line work and shading. The small smudger I use mostly with NYX and Sephora (not the gold though, that only plays well with my applicator brush) shadows. I find that it just does not play well with M.A.C shadows but that's fine, I have a Spectrum brush for those. I often use the angled brush to apply shadow on my waterline and right underneath my eye and the small smudger is only to blend shading and lines. But hey, at least I found good use for the lot of them, for which I'm glad :).
I still maintain that they are best bought for cheaper than store price on ebay though.
I think the limited edition is also a lie, because I've seen them be restocked on the site. But you know, at least that means that people that want them will have an easier job getting them I suppose.

Snazaroo brush. Also: how to apply water activated or cream paints.
Earlier this year, in May, I bought this Snazaroo palette with aqua paints. Every palette comes with a sponge (just a regular sponge) and a small flat brush. Now a small flat brush is a good thing, because they are good for line work and colouring smaller surfaces. This is a really decent brush for working with cream or water activated paints. The end.

NOW... and this is what a lot of people don't know.
Do NOT use your make-up brushes, especially NOT your good, expensive brushes, in cream, aqua, or heaven forbid: grease, paints. Not unless you want them to die a fast and horrible death. You need acrylics brushes for those.
You can get these two ways: you buy brushes from stores specialised in these kinds of paints. OR, and this is the easiest and cheapest way: you go to a PROPER art supply store. Don't buy a pack of cheap brushes at the supermarket, those are seldom worth the money. You may luck out, but chances are slim. Art supply stores, however, sell a metric ton of acrylics brushes. At the place I go to (De Wieuw in Antwerp), they start as low as € 1,40(ish) per brush. Sure, they are long handled brushes, but come on, just shorten them yourself if the length bothers you. So that's what I do. I use the cheapest Da Vinci acrylics brush they have. Works fine, saves money.
The other way around applies as well by the way: I have killed several of my nice Games Workshop brushes by sticking them in M.A.C eye shadows. Make-up brushes for make-up, acrylics brushes or specialist brushes for the rest.

And last but most certainly NOT least: Spectrum brushes
I LOVE my Spectrum brushes. I ADORE my Spectrum brushes. If I could, I would never ever buy another brand. But you know, it's not feasible because they don't make some of the brushes I like to use (like the IPXL applicator and pointed fluffy brush).
But if I could, I totally would only ever buy Spectrum brushes.
Blush crush (A05) has exactly the right shape and density to apply blush easily and without fuss. What more can a person want from their blusher? Right: nothing.
To the point (A19) is another brush I mostly use for SFX stuff (I use a lot of eye shadow in SFX looks) because it's a shape I have little use for otherwise. Don't get me wrong, it's a great brush, but it's just not something I use often.
Get your pout out (A15), well it's a lip brush. It's a perfectly decent lip brush, but to be honest, I'm sure tons of cheaper brands also do perfectly decent lip brushes. I seldom use it, but it has been known to come in super handy on several occasions, especially when using liquid lipsticks. Or using my purple liquid lipstick to paint on my niece's face (I really need to buy a Snazaroo palette that includes purple!).
Short 'n' sweet (A13) is undoubtedly my all-time favourite brush. I LOVE that brush. It packs on eye shadow, it blends, it smudges, it does everything I want it to do on my lids. I often use it to do the smudged copper stains in my steampunk eye make-up, or to apply bronze on my lids. I totally want a double of this.
Needless to say, Spectrum is my favourite brand of brushes. With the £ being low, I think I'll grab a set next month :), because with a brand like this: more brushes is definitely better :D.
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A note on facebook and other social media [Oct. 18th, 2016|01:52 pm]
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Because it's been a while since I said this and clearly it needs repeating.

If we are not friends in real life, especially if I've never met you in real life or only spoke to you in passing, I will NOT accept your friends request on facebook. Especially not from people I don't know.
I don't care in which band you are, or how many mutual friends we have, it's not going to happen.
Feel free to add me on here, twitter, tumblr and instagram, I might actually add you back, but I hate facebook with the fire of a thousand suns, so I am EXTREMELY picky about who I accept on there.
(The fact that FB encourages social stalking, and brings out the worst in people has a lot to do with that).

Please do NOT, and I repeat, do NOT come and talk to me about HIGHFeeL, REALive, BCM or The Gatehouse on my PRIVATE account. I can do without the stress of having to deal with "omg I need answers to this or that now" on facebook and other chats.
I have an email address (hilde dot heyvaert at gmail dot com), if you need to get hold of me about these things, MAIL ME!
I will simply not reply to these messages anymore with anything other than a repeat of my email address and/or a link to this post (hey, it's worked wonders with the photo rules post, so it's worth keeping up).
You have been warned.

Feel free to talk to me about all other stuff though, but no rants, drama and general crap after 9.30 PM my time. Unless there is a serious issue (a serious issue, celebs splitting up or theme park ride misery does not fall under that :P) or you really NEED to talk to me.
That is of course fine, I am happy to be there for my friends (although I can not guarantee I won't fall asleep on you if it's late in the evening).
I'm just saying, I'm here for my friends, but please be mindful of me, too. I need sleep, I need to be able to go to bed and not being utterly stressed by stuff. I'm of no use to anyone if I'm snappy and zombified due to exhaustion ;).

This is NOT open for discussion or debate, I will NOT justify my choices, it is how it is. I've spent too much time doing that already, and enough is enough. I've got to think of me and my emotional well being as well. And I don't need the stress social media are often giving me.

For the record, this has NOT been brought on by anything any of my friends have done. So if we're friends, please do not feel like this is addressed to you, because it is really NOT.
This post was brought on by the actions of total strangers that seem to think all my time is theirs, and I have nothing better to do than jump at their beck and call.
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Selling off my #Pokémoncards - tons of rare cards! #pokemon #games #forsale [Oct. 17th, 2016|03:01 pm]
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Photo of the day: 16.10.2016 (day 290)

Because I have so many Pokémon cards, I decided to just list them. Unless mentioned (1st edition), they are regulars. The .../102 is the very first original series, of which I have most cards.
I can’t remember what all the expansion symbols mean, so I’ve always listed the card numbers, I have some with a skeleton paw, the vileplum flowers, 2 stars and a shooting star, as well as Team Rocket (gods I love those cards).
Basically, if you are interested in a card, either leave a comment or send me an email on hilde dot heyvaert at gmail dot com, and I will photograph the card and if you are still interested, we can talk price.
That said, serious offers only. I know what these cards are worth, so yeah ;)
And yes, I do REALLY have 2 mint condition foil Charizard cards. Guess I lucked out when they first came out in Belgium back in 1999.
Unless specifically mentioned otherwise, all cards are in English.

I also have a ton of trainer cards, if there is one you are looking for, feel free to send me a message and I’ll check to see if I have it ^^.

I ship from Belgium, with either unregistered mail or registered mail.
Shipping cost depends on whether I have to ship within Belgium, within the EU or within the rest of the world, and of course registered mail is more expensive.
I just want to add that I am not responsible for things that get damaged or lost in the mail.
I actually prefer bank transfer over paypal, because with bank transfer, the money ends up directly into my account, paypal is a bit roundabout. Expect to pay for paypal fees yourself in you insist on paying with paypal ;).

Anyway, to the list.Collapse )
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Last week in photos: 10-16/10/2016 #photography #inktober #FallintoDisneyStyle #dailyphoto [Oct. 17th, 2016|02:54 pm]
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Photo of the day: 14.10.2016 (day 288)

Here be pictures, and plenty of them!Collapse )
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The week in photos: October 3-9 2016 #photography #dailyphoto #iggletober #fallintodisneystyle [Oct. 9th, 2016|09:51 pm]
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#FallIntoDisneyStyle, day 3 - denim + Disney pins

Pictures, pictures and more pictures!Collapse )
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Product review: a bunch of #makeup I got lately :) [Oct. 7th, 2016|07:11 pm]
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new things

Ok so I keep on saying that this isn't a beauty blog, and it really isn't, but that doesn't mean I don't like cosmetics :D
As people who read this blog regularly know, I am quite picky about my cosmetics, and I definitely do have a lot of loyalty for my favourite brands. But recently I picked up some drug store makeup, just for shading. Much as I love M.A.C, there is just no way I'm going to be spending €13 on an eye shadow I'm only using for shading. Oddly enough, that includes a matte brown, because I'm more of a bronze kinda girl. So, I resorted to essence, because they have sizeable pots for about € 2, which is even cheaper than a refill pan by NYX (although not by much). In all fairness, if it had been practical to order NYX refill pans online (it is not) or buy them in store (I don't call 2 trains practical), I would probably have gone with NYX.
Speaking of NYX, thanks to my friends Dan and Jon, I have a US NYX webstore haul (not a huge one mind) coming in either later this month, or next month (because it's arriving at theirs whilst they are on holiday, and then they still have to ship it to me, etc et etc).

Anyway, to the review! Let me get started with...
the list:
- essence, eyeshadow in black is the new black
- essence, me and my umbrella eye shadow in gray
- essence, the velvets eye shadow in Mr Mocca-bean
- essence, translucent fixing powder
- M.A.C eye shadow (refill pan) in Amber Lights
- NYX, eye shadow base in skin tone


I like to think that this is pretty self-explanatory, but top to bottom this is: essence eye shadows in black, gray and brown, M.A.C's Amber Lights and the NYX eye shadow base.

Ok first the essence stuff.
As I mentioned before, the eye shadows are all for shading purposes. And whilst the black and brown one look like they are very pigmented on the swatch on my arm, they won't last without using a primer first. So I always use a primer before using these. Unless I shade over aquapaint, because then it works too.
I'm not super excited about these, and wouldn't buy them as actual make-up, but for shading they are really good price - quality wise. I would definitely continue to use essence as a shading brand.
If you want to see some examples of my shading work with them, have a look at my 100 days of makeup tag on flickr :).
As for the fixing powder, well it's sheer fixing powder isn't it. It's not the greatest on the market, but it is surprisingly gunk-free and it will hold me up nicely 'till my NYX order, which contains their translucent fixing powder, arrives. I just did not want to shell out a lot of cash on something I just need to work with SFX wax untill my better product arrives.

So basically: no this isn't the greatest cosmetics brand on the market, it's probably not even the best in the drug store. BUT for what I'm using it, it is really good value. And I would recommend it if you're just looking for something for a certain look and you'll only use it once or twice.

M.A.C eye shadow in Amber Lights.
Ever since I swatched this last month, I wanted this shadow. It was make-up love at first sight. It's a perfect daily wear and steampunk style colour for me. It's super vibrant, super pigmented, and like all my M.A.C eye shadows, I don't need to apply a primer first. I absolutely LOVE it. And it comes in my favourite of their finishes: frost. This is probably my new favourite colour by M.A.C, a spot previously taken up by Coppering (which is also pure love).
It may seem on the photos like it's not super pigmented, but it really is. It's just one of those colours that are pretty inconspicuous, which makes it great for me because it means I can literally wear it whenever I feel like it.

Last but not least: my NYX eye shadow base, as I've mentioned before in my favourites of September post, I LOVE this stuff. Seriously. LOVE ...IT.
On me it doesn't crease, it makes my eye shadow look super bright, keeps it pristine all day (as long as the eye shadow is waterproof of course). It's light, it applies super easily with both a brush and my fingers, it blends into the skin without issues, it matches my skin tone of my face, it lets my skin breathe through it,... in short: for me this is the perfect eye shadow primer.
And that said, I also use it as a primer on my cheeks so my Yves Rocher blush will stay in place, and for that it works perfectly too.
Yes, I know that it's an eye shadow base, but come on, I'm not going to buy an extra primer just to do my cheeks.
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le weekend [Oct. 6th, 2016|03:10 pm]
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Photo of the day: 3.10.2016 (day 277)

Shopping, Halloween and a museum visit :).Collapse )
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100 days of makeup challenge - September 2016 (part 1) [Oct. 3rd, 2016|05:06 pm]
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People that follow my blog have probably seen photos pass by in my "photos of the week" posts, but I wanted to have a spot where I kept all my 100 days of makeup challenge photos anyway. So, this is it.
Livejournal won't let me post all 100 in one go anyway, so I decided to break these up into monthly posts instead :).

100 days of makeup challenge, day 7
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