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[sticky post] Finally, some order in all the chaos, hell yes! [Apr. 13th, 2016|03:02 pm]
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Because this blog used to be chaos incorporated (seriously), even with the tags, I decided to rehash the index page of my website and use that as a handy index for all the stuff I fill my days with.

Of course, it still needs some tweaking and re-designing, which will be a job for weekends, but for now, there is order in the chaos :)

Click here :)

Outfit: 23.12.2015
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two seasons in #analog: #summer and #autumn. #photography #film #35mm [Dec. 6th, 2016|03:29 pm]
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Analog Antwerp

Camera: Samsung Slim Zoom 115A Panorama
Film: Kodak Tri-X

To be honest, whilst I don't hate Tri-X and think it is perfectly adequate film, I don't quite understand the hype. This is the first time I shot with it, but I'm not wowed to the point where I will repeat the experience. My next roll will be Ilford Delta 3200, because I need to know for sure I can trust in my film as I've got an actual shoot planned with it. And after that, I'm trying Japan Camera Hunter's Street Pan, which I'm SUPER excited about!

But without further ado, to the Tri-X photos!

Summer in Antwerp, July 2016.Collapse )
Autumn in my home town, November 2016.Collapse )
And my cat, who was making really grumpy faces.Collapse )
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Anti-haul #1: holiday edition: the #makeup I won't buy! [Dec. 1st, 2016|09:18 am]
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Credit where it's due, I stumbled upon anti-hauls on Kimberly Clark's youtube channel. When I was looking for something else entirely, as these things go.
Now, I'm not a YouTuber, and believe me, the world is glad for it because no one wants to listen to my voice (trust me, you don't). BUUUUUT, I do love my trusty livejournal blog, so I figured I might as well do anti-hauls on here :).

I'm sticking to brands I know, own and/or have used in the past, and have talked about before. So regular readers know that I am definitely not against these brands. Because I don’t think it’d be fair to start waffling about brands I don’t know anything about, or that I have never used before. It just seems a bit easy.

The list of stuff I won’t be buying
- M.A.C Cosmetics, anything from their holiday line.
- NYX Cosmetics, Wanderlust advent calendar
- Yves Rocher, the new multi-palette
- Sephora, Geometricolor Palette Blockbuster
- Spectrum Collection, Marbleous in black
- Too Faced, The Chocolate Shop
- Too Faced, Grande Hotel Café

And here"s why I won"t be getting these things...Collapse )
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Favourite things of the month - November 2016 #art #makeup #enamelpin [Nov. 30th, 2016|02:23 pm]
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November favourites :)

- House of Secrets Incorporated, Monsieur Miaou voodoo cat pin
- I Love Crafty x Pony People, ghost cat necklace
- Kuretake, 36 colours Gansai Tambi palette
- Yves Rocher, black eyeliner
- Yves Rocher, Christmas collection hand cream, lip balm, body lotion, fragrance and shower gel in cranberry and almond
- Too Faced, Chocolate Bon Bons palette

Find out more about each thing!Collapse )
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New things on etsy! [Nov. 29th, 2016|11:30 am]
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In an efford to be more creative (I love being more creative, but I can't possibly keep all the things I make so etsy is perfect for that ^^), I have made some things and put them up on my etsy store :) There's more in the shop than what I've uploaded today, so have a look ^^.
Of course, if you see something you like and you don't want to bother with etsy, just drop me a line (here or via email on hildekitten at gmail dot com) ;)

the marvelous Monsieur Miaou

First up is the pin I designed and had made: Monsieur Miaou.
It's a limited run of 50, and when he's gone, he's gone for good!

All in the family, version 2

I also painted some sneakers :)
This Sith Lord and their lightsabers pair.

Casual TARDIS sneakers

And this casual TARDIS pair :)
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happy doggy party! [Nov. 28th, 2016|01:10 pm]
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Bert and Daikon

The title may be strange, but on Saturday, Bert and I went to visit our friend Aurélie, who was having a very small party for her dog Daikon.
And ok, it was Daikon's first birthday party whilst we were having a working meeting about the upcoming XMAS tour (which is why it was such a small party).

We got there late (shame on us) and Olga, Antoine and David were already there. But it was ok, because they could start on the planning part that was not our bit anyway :).

Everyone had brought treats for Daikon, and we had too. But we had already bought a bag of cat snacks for his 5 cat brothers. Which of course ended in the cats, especially Totetan, following me around because I was "the bringer of noms". Normally Totetan just kind of ignores me, but he was really putting on the charm because he wanted more noms. He actually got quite angry with me when I said "nope, you've been told no more".
There were angry meows and paw slaps, oops.

Have some random photos, because Aurélie not only has cool cats, she also has cool things to photograph :D



Putin approves of Bert"s tea



I'm glad I took a picture of Aurélie's tin of Steamcream, because apparently that design isn't sold anymore.

Awesome creepy doll necklace

Awesome creepy doll necklace

Aurélie's amazing creepy doll face necklace by Freak's Circus!

Afterwards we popped by David and Steph's place, because David lives about half an hour from Aurélie. And he insisted we meet his dogs and stop buy because he wanted to give us our birthday presents. SO ...MUCH ...COOL ...STUFF! Thank you so much guys! :) xoxo

Last stop was my parents' house, so I could pick up Monsieur Miaou. I had him shipped there because my faith in UPS is non existant.
But now I have him and he is glorious!
Tomorrow I will list him on etsy, together with a pair of Doctor Who sneakers and a pair of Star Wars sneakers :).
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The week in photos: 21-2.11.2016 #photography #dailyphoto [Nov. 27th, 2016|03:39 pm]
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the marvelous Monsieur Miaou

The Marvelous Monsieur Miaou and other things!Collapse )
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Harry Potter the Exhibition re-opening event (12/11/2017) [Nov. 24th, 2016|10:52 am]
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Photo of the day: 12.11.2016 (day 317)

Always say yes to seconds when it comes to Harry Potter!Collapse )
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Product review: Too Faced, Chocolate Bon Bons Palette [Nov. 23rd, 2016|03:34 pm]
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The faithful feline blogging assistant is not all there yet

I know this has been out for a good while now, but I don’t care about that, I just got it this month. Mainly because I never wanted a neutrals palette before.
Because I started to try to get more variety in my make-up looks (rather than either white or steampunk eyes with whatever lipstick I felt like it at the moment), I bought a NYX ultimate shadows palette in brights with 18 different colours last September (review here), which is fun and all, but in hindsight, I’m not that wowed by the quality, so my initial thought of also getting their warm neutrals palette from the same palette range was discarded. I doubted for a while about a palette from the M.A.C holiday range, but because they weren’t getting very good reviews, I decided against it. I considered the new holiday multi palette releases from both Sephora and Yves Rocher, but I personally don’t like other stuff than shadows in my palette because I won’t use them and it has a mass potential of grossness (in my mind at least). Blush and highlighter would be fine, but eyeliner and lipstick/lipgloss is going a bit far to my personal liking.

At some point during my attempt to choose a palette, I watched a video by RinRin Doll and saw her use the Bon Bons palette. Which got me looking into Too Faced. Their chocolate bar palettes are all cruelty free AND paraben free, and they get pretty good reviews online (on the whole more positive than negative). So that did please me a lot. The French Sephora site also carries them, which is a definite bonus, because shipping from France is also customs free (sadly not hassle free as they ship via UPS, as you can read about here).

Basically, the Bon Bons one was the one that appeals to me the least out of the 3 when it comes to packaging, but the most when it comes to shadows. Ok sure, those pinks, BUT spawn1 will simply LOVE those, so even the 2 pinks I won’t use much will get used by the mini-make-up addict so I am confident that the most shadows will get used in this.
I do regret it has neither white nor black, but I’ve literally given up on finding a palette that does all the shades I want. I will get a black one from Yves Rocher or LunatiCK Labs, and I got Gesso, the matte white from M.A.C last Saturday.

Photo of the day: 10.11.2016 (day 215)

Anyway, enough random waffling: to the palette!

First of all: yes it REALLY does smell like chocolate. Although I am under the impression that the scent starts to fade after a while. It certainly doesn’t function as a full fledged perfume when you wear the shadows, which I think we can all agree is for the best.
It comes in a really nice cardboard packaging surrounding the sturdy metal palette. I really can’t fault the Too Faced design team. Sure, I’m not a very pink kinda girl, but at the same time, I can’t disagree with the fact that it’s all well made and sturdy. And the shadows just look beautiful.
So the initial first impression was definitely positive.

Now, onto the swatches.

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette swatches

These arm swatches are without primer, you can totally see that some shades are patchier and less pigmented than others.
Satin Sheets and Divinity are the ones that double as brow highlighters, and I’m not entirely convinced they will do their job that well, because as you can see, they’re very pale on my very pale skin.

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons swatches

I did swatch all of the shades again on my hand, over my NYX eye shadow base. That did make them be a little brighter, so to speak, but it wasn’t doing wonders.

The colours also have quite a bit of fall-out. I would say they are _nearly_ as bad as my NYX palette fall-out wise.

It also begs mention that I was able to wash off the swatches with plain old water and hand soap, make of that what you want.
Whilst it is not necessarily a bad thing that your eye shadow isn’t waterproof, it does mean that you should be conscious of when you wear it. Because it means that if your eyes get teary from cold and wind (like mine do) it’ll be misery if applied underneath your eyes, and if you’re in a situation where you could get very sweaty, they may not be a good choice full stop. I think I’ll avoid using them in summer in any case and stick to my trusted M.A.C shades, which won’t even budge after a shower.

As for actually wearing the make-up.
I wore the colours Malted, Molasses Chip, Divinity and Satin Sheets all day on Saturday (well, about 10am – 8pm) and I have to say they didn’t bother me. They didn’t feel like they were tiring my eyes, suffocating the skin, they didn’t feel unpleasant basically. My friend Claire checked regularly whether or not they had shifted or faded, and they hadn’t. She did remark that it did seem that somewhere around past 3pm the sparkle started to fade. The colour, however, stayed in place without any problems.

Would I recommend this?
Well, I wouldn’t try to dissuade people from buying it. I would, however, encourage them to go out and compare. Do your own research too, see what else is out there. Because there are a lot of similar colour palettes available, by a myriad of brands. Heck, the biggest competitor of the Chocolate Bon Bons palette is probably other palettes BY Too Faced.

So: the verdict. Would I buy this again?
Possibly. It will depend on what’s out there when I need to replace this one. It is NOT an automatic re-buy for me, that’s for sure.
I don’t feel like this was a bad buy, and I do like all the colours bar the pinks. The patchy ones, well I’ll make it work I guess. Most of them are nice instead of patchy, so that’s good.
When I have gone through these, I don’t know what I’ll get.
Who knows what’s available at that point in time. I’m not excluding that I end up just replacing it, or getting another palette by Too Faced instead, but that’s something I’ll have to see at the time.
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The week in photos: 14-20/11/2016 #photography #dailyphoto #instax etc [Nov. 20th, 2016|07:21 pm]
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Loa is very enthusiastic about me making mug cake

Cake, cats and cosmetics, oh my! And other things too of course!Collapse )
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